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I came to WorkTango from a traditional, corporate environment. Every day I feel refreshed by the creativity WorkTango offers. Here, I am encouraged to innovate, experiment, and improve on what already exists. This mindset makes me feel empowered and energized. At WorkTango, I know that I am making a difference for my team and my clients.

Ava W (Montreal)Customer Success

Having joined WorkTango during Covid and working virtually, the support and warmth of the team has been exceptional. It's great working with such creative, hard working individuals who are easy to align with and to work for a shared cause - to improve work lives...... including our own!

Ben M (London, UK)Regional Director

I relish freelance freedom. Yet WorkTango’s top flight crew of brains and creative brawn was hard to ignore. Picking up on the enthusiastic vibe (and seeing how a culture of value and respect extended to contractors like yours truly) I acquiesced to a full-time offer and have never looked back. Neither will you.

Pat N (Ottawa)Content

When joining WorkTango, it was important to me that I worked for organization that not only had a purposeful mission, but also a positive and inclusive culture. My experience at WorkTango has blown my expectations out the water. Everyday I get to show up as my authentic self and work with smart, highly-motivated, and genuine people towards our shared missions - this experience has been truly unmatched!

Julia L (Toronto)Customer Success

At the end of the day it all comes down to how happy and satisfied you are with what you're doing and Worktango creates that path. I'm surrounded by fantastic individuals all from diverse cultural and career backgrounds that strongly believe in one thing. Improve (Work) lives. The company's passion to practice what we preach encourages me to be a 1000% myself without a doubt.

Swathi S (Toronto)Quality Assurance

Every organization says to bring our authentic selves to work. I've never really felt that until I started at WorkTango. WorkTango really encourage diverse backgrounds and individual personalities.

James K (Ottawa)Employee Voice Advocate

What makes WorkTango unique is their ability to not only serve and care for their customers at the highest level, but their employees as well. Their authenticity is unmatched.

Milan F (Ottawa)Marketing

Open Opport nities

All that’s missing is U

WorkTango is a high-growth company looking for company-makers. In other words: people that are passionate, that get stuff done at a high-quality, and love the roller-coaster of building something great (in other words, you hate comfy-chair jobs).

April 2022: WorkTango joins forces with Kazoo!

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Our Passion

Improve (work) lives.

WorkTango doesn't have a mission, because missions end. Instead, we have a life-long passion to "improve (work) lives."

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Values are what you believe, whereas virtues are what you do.

Our Passion informs our strategy and day-to-day decision making and is the key to our success. But Our Virtues provide the roadmap to fulfill our Passion.

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Diversity is our strength

Our commitment to Equity

We take pride in the fact that we help organizations create inclusive workplace cultures and we are constantly evolving to create a workplace internally where everyone feels a sense of belonging.

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A Magnetic Culture

Culture is only as great as the company you keep


we ‘drink our own champagne’ and understand sentiment to build fantastic employee experiences.  Our eNPS has been 100 for over 24 months.


we seek to recruit and retain the very best. A true testament to building fantastic employee experiences.

Company Outlook

percentage of employees that feel WorkTango has a bright future (from our internal engagement survey).


2021 Most Inspiring Workplaces Gold Winner

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A workplace to write home about

WorkTango Culture featured in Forbes

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Building an environment where employees grow and succeed personally and professionally
Generous Vacation

We work hard, and we give it back to employees to enjoy a generous unlimited vacation policy to focus on personal fulfillment and growth.

Great Benefits

Generous benefit plans, a flexible work structure, and thoughtful parental leave policies contribute to our employee-first attitude. 

Global-Local Workplace

With employees in over 7 cities, we work flexibly and remotely in an efficient manner and work to bring employees together in person where possible.


Every employee owns shares in the organization. We grow and win together as a team.

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