Measure Remote Employee Engagement with Insights

Measure Remote Employee Engagement with Insights

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It’s the question for the new age of remote work: In this environment, how do you measure employee engagement?

WorkTango’s got you covered. We’ve created a host of dashboards for managers and WorkTango admins so you always have a clear, presentation-ready picture of your employee engagement and employee success efforts. What’s employee success? It’s the newer, nimbler, more people-first way of doing performance management. 

Read on to learn more about our team overview dashboard, analytics, and reporting for Goals & Feedback (the solution for facilitating your employee success practices) and findings & reporting for Recognition & Rewards — and how each helps you measure remote engagement in this new age of work.

With great engagement data comes great understanding

First up, our Team Overview dashboard gives managers visibility into their employees’ performance using all the fabulous data collected across the WorkTango Employee Experience platform.

Designed especially for managers, this handy interactive dashboard offers a high-level overview of their team members’ participation in your organization’s Goals & Feedback and Recognition & Rewards programs. This allows managers to see at a glance which individuals are actively setting goals, requesting feedback, and sending recognition — and which may need additional coaching or recognition to keep them actively engaged and thriving.

Understand if your teams are managing tasks well 

Form stronger personal connections with your employees with a view into upcoming birthdays and work anniversaries 

Know who hasn’t received feedback or recognition in a while so you can proactively address any challenges they may be facing

With granularity of data comes even greater understanding

For both managers and admins, our analytics and reporting invites you to deep-dive into the data — with customizable dashboards! — to get a clear read on your overall program’s performance.

Insights and Reporting for Goals & Feedback

Practicing effective continuous employee success gets a heck of a lot easier when you have visibility into everything you need to make it work:

  • How often are employees meeting with their managers?
  • Is feedback being requested and given cross-functionally?
  • Are you seeing more top-down feedback than you’d like?
  • Are people setting goals? If so, how are they progressing?

Our Goals & Feedback dashboards allow you to manage review cycles efficiently, ensure adoption of key business initiatives and platform usage, and better understand which areas of your program can be improved — all by giving you access to the nittiest, grittiest data. 

See activity trends in Sync-Ups, Check-Ins, Feedback, and Goals to gauge program adoption by department, role, and location

View participation by status — not started, in progress, submitted, closed, etc — to help identify blockers and how best you might resolve them

Make informed decisions when evaluating employee performance and better understand how you can ensure they’re thriving

Findings and Reporting for Recognition & Rewards

Our manager and admin findings and reporting dashboards for Recognition & Rewards tell you everything you need to know about how your employees are collaborating across all levels of your organization, plus, how your rewards dollars are working for you:

  • How often do they send and receive recognition? What for?
  • Are they engaging with peers throughout the organization, or staying within their own department?
  • What motivates them?
  • How healthy is your rewards budget?

All that lovely data gives you a comprehensive view into what’s working. Granular insights clearly show how your team is interacting with the WorkTango platform and each other.

Access the right data within the right context to more easily identify opportunities to drive alignment throughout your organization

Effectively manage your Rewards budget

 Get meaningful insight into how your company culture fosters employee engagement with Recognition activity broken out by your organization’s core values

Gain greater understanding of how cross-departmental and cross-location recognition boosts productivity geared towards your organization’s goals

Measuring remote engagement at a glance

In this new era of work, the employee experience matters more than ever. So take out the guesswork.

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