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Creating Post Covid-19 Culture by Design

What organizations know now about individuals, collaboration and leadership during and post-lockdown have changed compared to what they knew pre COVID-19. Is going “back to normal” a delusion?  What do leaders and organizations presently know about what is possible that they had not thought possible a few months back?

The world has changed. Will you design a new culture that will integrate what you know now about your company’s assets or will your post-COVID-19 culture design itself by failing to transform with agility and resilience? How do you leverage this opportunity to show up as a leader and establish something better than ever was in the past? Risks, challenges and constraints- What could cause us to fail or succeed post-COVID-19?

In this 60-minute complimentary webinar we will explore: 

  1. Corporate citizenship. Culture leaders.
  2. Your biggest asset: Your people post-pandemic.
  3. Systems and Processes.

Presenter Bios


Anya Romanova is a professional certified leadership coach, instructional designer and facilitator. Her passion is delivering training around diversity and inclusion, emotional intelligence and leadership development. She is committed to the importance of emotional intelligence as a developmental imperative as AI begins to replace technical work.

She is the founder of Culture Crafters Inc., a global training company helping organizations create a culture of courage, inclusivity and collaboration. You can get in touch with Anya through