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Different Generations - Different Approaches to Work™:
Leading and Engaging Millennials & Gen Z

It is important for every leader to be able to tap into the values and expectations of each generation to increase levels of engagement and productivity. This webinar provides deep insights into how generational differences impact engagement, with an emphasis on Millennials & Gen Z. We highlight how the two youngest generations differ and provide data from a national survey on Gen Z. We will examine how identities translate into behaviours in the workplace, as it relates to loyalty, authority and work styles. A model of organizational engagement will be presented which can be applied to all people practices to increase transparency, responsiveness and partnering. Tactics and techniques for how to increase engagement will be provided as well as leadership tips which can be applied right away.

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • State the values and expectations of the five generations
  • Describe how Millennials and Gen Zs differ
  • Explain how generational identities translate into behaviours in the workplace
  • Identify how leaders are pivotal in creating engagement
  • Apply tips for engaging Millennials & Gen Z
  • Apply leadership tips

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Presenter Bios

Giselle Kovary, M.A.
Giselle Kovary

As president and co-founder of n-gen People Performance Inc., Giselle is dedicated to building strategies and programs that help clients target, motivate and engage employees in order to increase performance and productivity. She is a sought after resource to industry leaders, having worked with 18 of the top Fortune 500 companies across North America. Over 60,000 people globally have experienced an n-gen workshop or presentation. With over 20 years of experience in learning and development, she has devoted more than sixteen years to researching the impact that generational differences have on organizational performance.

Giselle has created solutions and programs in five practice areas – sales & customer service, leadership, team building, Millennials & Gen Zs, and HR.  She has co-authored two books: Loyalty Unplugged: How to Get, Keep & Grow All Four Generations and Upgrade Now: 9 Advanced Leadership Skills and completed Canada’s first national survey on Gen Zs.

As a human resources expert, Giselle is regularly quoted in national publications and appears on television and radio, including CBC, CTV News Channel “Mind the Gap” and News Talk radio.

Giselle has a Master’s degree in communication studies from the University of Windsor. She is a board member of the Institute for Performance & Learning and raises money for breast cancer research in her free time.

Rob Catalano
rob catalano

Rob Catalano is passionate about helping companies succeed – by leveraging technology to make employees successful. With his unique experience in HR Technology as a founding employee at Achievers, Rob co-founded WorkTango – software that helps give employees a voice and companies actionable insight.

He has recently been named as a 2018 Top Global Employee Engagement Influencer, has had the privilege of speaking in over 30 cities the past three years, and loves the opportunity to connect with passionate HR leaders across the globe.