WorkTango Advances Analytics for Recognition & Rewards

WorkTango Advances Analytics for Recognition & Rewards

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Our Recognition & Rewards solution puts appreciation front and center in your company culture. Now, WorkTango’s giving you a greater insights into how exactly this drives your business — plus, updates to our mobile app.

What’s new?


We’ve overhauled our findings & reporting features in our Recognition & Rewards solution to provide fresh analytics capabilities.

This grants you, the HR leader, the data you need to track program participation by department, location and team, which helps you identify top-performing groups (plus potential problem areas). In short: You’ve got the visibility to drive engagement and alignment across your organization.

In addition, our new Recognition & Rewards findings dashboard makes it easier to set your budget threshold and access your reward spending over time. This makes it easier to see what motivates your employees, and plan accordingly.

One of WorkTango’s ambitions this year has been to provide better data to our customers so they can see the real-time impact of their employee experience programs. We updated our findings & reporting capabilities for our Recognition & Rewards solution, so that we could supply HR leaders with the data they need to effectively drive decisions across their organizations.

Mobile app

On mobile, we’re excited to bring you new updates. Our app now includes Surveys & Insights, Nominations & Awards, and People Directory features. Because business happens on the go — and Employee Success (the new, agile performance management approach) should; too.

  • With Surveys & Insights, users can now easily access and respond to any of WorkTango’s three Survey types — including Pulse, eNPS, and custom question.
  • Mobile Nominations & Awards lets users interact with company custom award programs, by responding to nominations that highlight individuals who reflect the organizational’s core values, business goals, or culture – all in a matter of minutes.
  • WorkTango’s People Directory feature improves real-time connections across the organization! Now, employees get to know their colleagues by seeing a face, a name, and a story all on one page.

We’re proud to bring our customers new functionality to transform their workplaces. Want to see what we can do for you? Then we should talk.



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