Is Your Team Fit for Work? Here’s How to Be Vigilant When It Comes to Your Employees’ Health

Is Your Team Fit for Work? Here’s How to Be Vigilant When It Comes to Your Employees’ Health

May 25, 2020 | WorkTango

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Here’s How to Be Vigilant When It Comes to Your Employees’ Health

We all want to get back to business. Whether that’s sooner or later, the onus is on our organizations to make sure workspaces are fit for return. The logistics can be staggering, especially if an office tower is shared with other organizations hammering out their own logistics. But there’s a crucial element outside of infrastructure and layout, staggered hours, elevator use, and physical distancing. Something that could creep under the radar. And that’s whether people are actually fit for work.

As lockdowns ease, governments are scaling up testing and tackling the monolithic task of contact tracing tens, hundreds, thousands of cases. Daily.

Our organizations play a crucial part in that tracing thread.

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Think of it this way: in places like the U.S., where reports indicate about 44 million people have no health insurance and another 38 million have inadequate coverage, this marginalized population, and their families, may choose to ignore a persistent cough or fight through a fever in favor of earning money on the job and avoiding potentially costly healthcare bills. People who earn hourly wages, people raised to “suck it up”, people driven by a strong work ethic, people who derive social gratification from their places of work might opt to do the same.

That’s why issuing a questionnaire, daily, to assess the health of each and every person showing up for work isn’t a mere internal data measurement. It’s a good corporate citizen and a conscientious employer must-do. In doing so, our organizations are providing information to help guide the next steps and forward-facing policies for governments and health agencies. Additionally, we’re taking a vigilant step to ensure a safe and healthy environment for everyone in our workplaces and by extension, our communities at large.

Make sure employees that have or potentially have COVID-19 stay at home

A fit for work survey can be customized with questions and branding specific to your organization – in as many languages as needed to serve your workforce. It can be designed for use on smartphones and other personal devices, making it convenient for your people to complete their daily health report in just a few seconds. From home. The office parking lot. Just about anywhere, at any time.

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Real-time information

Responses are automatically tabulated. And since this is the kind of information that no one should wait to receive, employees are instantly notified if they’re prevented from entering the work environment (based on their answers), and leadership is instantly advised of these health concern cases by email.  Quick. Straightforward. Seamless. Compliant.



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