18 Funny Employee Awards Your Team Will Love

18 Funny Employee Awards Your Team Will Love

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Funny employee awards are a great way to recognize employees for their unique contributions while also connecting people through humor.

Of course, every company has a different idea of what’s funny within the context of their company culture. That’s why creating unique awards designed specifically for your employees is so much fun anything goes!

Get inspired to think up funny employee awards that reflect your company culture from the options we’ve gathered below. These ideas are just to get your brain flowing with ideas. Have fun creating your own! Without further ado, drumroll, please …

18 Funny Employee Awards

1. The Fire Extinguisher

Metaphoric fire in the office? Don’t call 911 — call the office fire extinguisher. They can, and always do, find a way to put out everyday fires like a pro.

2. Thinks in Emoji

This employee knows the Slack emoji dictionary inside-and-out, and they’re ready with the perfect emoji reaction to everything. How do they do it so quickly? Who really knows.

3. The Foodie

Can’t decide where to go for lunch or a team dinner? Ask the office food expert. This employee has the perfect recommendation for any cuisine and price range, and their taste is impeccable. Pro tip: this person is likely to have solid ideas for social outings, too.

4. Do It for The Gram

This person’s dream job is to be an influencer. They will stop everyone and everything to take a picture for their Instagram when the opportunity presents itself. Click, click, click.

5. The Toolbox

If it’s broken, this person will fix it — no questions asked. It doesn’t matter if it’s a faulty office chair, glitchy laptop, or the break room dishwasher acting up for the millionth time — they can do it all.

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6. Hold On, I Have a .gif for This

Giphy is this employee’s first language. They’re quick to react and have the right gif on hand at any given moment.

7. The Entrepreneur

The entrepreneur works a 9-to-5 while running a side business (or two) that can comfortably be their livelihood. It’s only a matter of time until they appear in front of the Sharks and walk away with a million-dollar deal.

8. The Hummer ️

Picture this: You’re doing your work in peace and quiet, and suddenly you hear humming. It’s gradual at first but slowly picks up into a full-on singsonging and headbanging. That’s the hummer — always performing to their playlist for the entire company to enjoy (er, we assume.)

9. The Coffee Pot ☕

The one who drinks coffee 24/7. They’re regulars at the local coffee shops and can tell the difference between coffee beans just by smelling them. (Rumor has it they worked as a Starbucks barista in college.)

10. Most Likely to Win The Great British Baking Show

Ah, the office baker. They’re always experimenting with new recipes and often bring their treats in for the whole company to taste. All of their creations are worthy of the famous Paul Hollywood handshake.

11. The World’s Most Interesting Person

What hasn’t this person done? They’ve toured the world, owned several successful businesses, and have friends in high places. And yet they sit next to you and act like the average employee. You’ll rarely hear them talk about their adventures, but when they do, they’ll leave you speechless.

12. Never Too Early for Happy Hour

As the title suggests, this employee is ready for a happy hour at any time of the day. Morning mimosas, afternoon margaritas, or a fancy dinner wine, they’ll be the first to ask if the team is drinking at an event (and if the company is paying for it.)

13. Shooting Star

Every team should have a shooting star: this person is constantly up-leveling and changing the game as they go. Goals? Knocked out of the park. New strategies? Drafted and ready to implement. Once a shooting star starts shining, nothing can dim their light.

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14. The Comedian

We love a good office comedian. They always have the perfect comeback and their humor helps us get through tough times. Hello, Netflix? You need to give this employee a stand-up special ASAP.

15. The Beautician

Are you in need of new hair and makeup recommendations or something to amp up your skincare routine? Contact the office beautician. They have all the tips, tricks, and info you need to glow up.

16. The Globetrotter

Here’s a fun task — pick up a globe, spin it, and stop on a random country. Guess what? The globetrotter has probably been there and has amazing stories to share of their adventures.

17. The Party Planner

Did someone say par-tay? The party planner needs no excuse to throw the best shindig you’ve ever attended. From extravagant theme parties to company holiday parties, they’ve got all the details covered. (Just remember to bring your dancing shoes!)

18. The Culture Warrior ️

Company culture is no joke — and the office culture warrior knows this better than anyone. They’re always championing to create a better and more inclusive culture, and while their actions may seem intense to some, they’re well-appreciated in the end.

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