Meet the 2020 Anti-Trends: 7 Workplace Truths That Cut Through the Noise

Meet the 2020 Anti-Trends: 7 Workplace Truths That Cut Through the Noise

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In an era when every industry is being disrupted or redefined by new workplace trends and technologies, it’s easy to wonder if anything tried is still true. The world of human resources is no exception. 

In the past decade, hundreds of new HR tech products have flooded the market. We’ve also seen two new generations join the workforce as unemployment hit a 50-year low, creating a fierce war for talent and dramatic shifts in the way we work

So it’s no wonder we’ve seen a flood of trend-spotting articles, books, and talks promising to predict the future of work.

New ideas can be game-changers. But sometimes, trends distract us from what’s already working.

In WorkTango’s 2020 Anti-Trends Report, we identified the top seven workplace trends experts have predicted in the HR field – then we tied each one back to a time-tested principle.

The end result is our list of 7 anti-trends to anchor you, the HR leader, as you strategize for the new year.

This report is full of practical, actionable steps for making the most of the tools you already have at your disposal. Because we don’t need to distract you with flashy ideas for reinventing the wheel.

You’ve worked hard, and your organization is already stronger for it. Take a minute to appreciate how far you’ve come. Then, check out our 2020 Anti-Trends Report and see how much further your tried truths can take you.


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