The perfect intersection: Software AND a Service.

More than a Software as a Service (SaaS) Platform. Software AND a Service.

Technology is a wonderful enabler to support listening to employees and acting on that feedback. WorkTango customers, however, benefit from both innovative technology and support to help make their vision a reality.

Employee Survey Services

Services Overview

Approach Design
& Advisory
  • Survey design
  • Employee Voice strategy development
  • Migration of previous vendor data
  • Communication & change management support
Insights &
  • Custom Executive reports
  • Neurolinguistic review / thematic analysis
  • Internal & external benchmarks
  • KPI analysis – correlating survey data to other insights
Enable &
Inspire Action
  • Predictive analytics expertise
  • Employee focus groups
  • Expert-led workshops
  • Leader enablement
  • Action Plan process support
Platform & Customer
  • Platform implementation
  • Dedicated Customer Success advisory
  • Admin & Leader training
  • Live Support via email, phone, live chat
  • Data Management and integration support

Our Employee Survey Services offer expertise in designing a robust employee voice strategy, offering additional insights and recommendations, and unmatched customer service.

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More information about our Services

Design & Advisory

  • Employee Voice Strategy  – we help build your employee voice strategy and help companies through the journey of annual survey practices to a more Active Listening approach. Included in this offering is our Design Workshop where we walk you through findings on past survey data (if applicable) and recommendations.
  • Survey Design – whether it is validating custom questions or offering our recommendations for your vision, our survey experts recommend the right practices for you beyond just ‘best practices’.
  • Communication – starting a new initiative or changing your current process requires change management and communication. Leverage WorkTango experts for communication templates and support throughout the implementation process.
  • Data Migration – want to keep your previous trends and survey data? WorkTango can migrate previous survey data from other vendors to our platform to help build continuity with your survey results.

Insights & Analytics

  • Executive Reports – we help you deliver insights and recommendations to your executives through a variety of standard and customized presentation formats.
  • Neurolinguistic Review/Thematic Analysis – beyond the robust Natural Language Understanding technology in the platform, our Analysts can support understanding your open-ended comments – offering actionable insights and themes.
  • Company Benchmarks – looking to understand where your survey scores fall relative to industry? WorkTango can provide relevant benchmarks from its database and layer in external data based on your organization’s size, industry and geography to help provide additional context and comparisons.
  • KPI/Scorecard Analysis – employee engagement implicitly drives financial benefits for an organization. By leveraging your survey results and financial results, we can run statistical analyses to identify the relationship between your engagement scores and financial outcomes, as well as the strength of these relationships (if applicable).

Enable & Inspire Action

  • Predictive Insights – each employee has their own set of personal values and priorities. Using various statistical techniques, WorkTango can identify key drivers of engagement and questions to help you identify what matters most to your employees and the effectiveness of the survey.
  • Employee Focus Groups –  if your survey results are creating more questions around the employee experience, having a third party understand your employees’ honest needs and feedback at a small group (6-10) of employees can be offered by our team.
  • Expert-led Workshops – providing leaders with education through WorkTango’s network of affiliate partners will help position your leaders for success in improving the employee experience. Whether in person or via webinar, these workshops can be facilitated among a variety of topics, including:
    • Actioning surveys and addressing key areas of improvement within your team(s)
    • Giving and receiving feedback
    • Leadership training (“up-skilling”)
    • Aligning business agility and organizational culture
    • Change management
    • Building diversity & inclusion in the workplace
    • Leader enablement
  • Leader Enablement – help leaders build buy-in and understand their results. Leaders will be provided a summary of their key challenges and benefits, support for communication to their employees and how to understand their results, whether on the WorkTango platform or within their own distributed set of results
  • Action Planning Support – WorkTango can work with leaders on an individualized basis and provide them with recommended conversations and  actions that align with their own survey results. WorkTango can then consolidate these results and provide them to your team.

Platform & Customer Support

  • Implementation – WorkTango is with you throughout all layers of implementation including strategy and design, communication, technical implementation & deliverability, and all considerations and recommendations throughout launch.
  • User / Data Management – we provide support in data mapping and configuration support based on your data structure, and any technical requirements such as setting up SSO
  • Training – live webinars offered for all administrators and leaders to support platform usability and answer questions.
  • Customer Success Team – At your disposal are dedicated experts across our Organizational Development, People Data Science, and Support team for advice, recommendations, or there anytime you just want to chat 🙂
  • Live Support – We’re not in the business of handing you our technology and disappearing on you. We’re here for you, even if your core team is in a meeting or away on vacation. Our additional Customer Support team offers e-mail, phone and live chat support for all administrators (not only our key contacts) to give you the support you need.
Design & Advisory

Pre-launch, there are several considerations to ensure the right Voice Strategy – including survey frequency, communication, and change management delivered by our Employee Engagement, Organizational Design and I/O Psychology experts.

Insights & Analytics

Beyond the platform, our People Data Science team supports further correlation of your survey data to predict better outcomes, as well as correlate external data to other business KPIs.  Truly an extension (or addition) of your People Analytics team.

Enable & Inspire Action

The outcome of your feedback initiatives is action.  Beyond the platform’s recommended learning and action, we support recommendations at the executive level, support education and up-skilling, and additional services to help enable your leaders to change behaviors.

Platform & Customer Support

Beyond your dedicated account team, WorkTango offers an additional support team for you or any of your leaders via phone, email and chat directly accessible through the platform throughout the life of our partnership.  We live our Virtue to ‘Cultivate Raving Fans.’

The perfect intersection:

A unique combination of innovative technology and expert advisory.