Customer video: Accruent and Kazoo [now WorkTango]



Times have changed, and so has our company name—from Kazoo to WorkTango. With our recent acquisition and expansion to a holistic Employee Experience Platform, Kazoo is now known as WorkTango. You’ll read and hear customers referring to us as Kazoo in materials released prior to the change, but rest assured we still offer the same quality products and services, just with a new name.

“Kazoo’s [now WorkTango] really at the heart of what we do for employee engagement,” notes Meg Swanson, CMO of Austin-based leader in data-led intelligence, Accruent. Check out this short video to see how Accruent uses Kazoo [now WorkTango] to:

  • Support and strengthen its culture of gratitude
  • Drive adoption of company core values and competencies
  • Give back to charitable, philanthropic, and community causes

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