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Estimated 3-year impact $ 250,099
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$ 29,999

Investing in your employee experience increases employee productivity through:

  • Better alignment on goals and priorities
  • Increased discretionary effort
  • Increased collaboration across teams
  • Better employee performance
  • More effective management
  • Greater accountability
Customer Metrics
$ 34,000

Investing in your employee experience drives a better customer experience through:

  • Employee communications
  • Onboarding and training
  • Performance and motivation
  • Awards, celebrations, and incentives
  • Employee voice programs
  • Effective management
$ 35,740
$ 28,876 Recruiting Cost
$ 31,643 On-boarding Cost
$ 21,682 Lost Productivity

Investing in your employee experience reduces retention costs including :

  • Onboarding and employee setup
  • Lost employee productivity
  • Customer service and support
  • Training and development
  • Impact on company culture
  • Interviewing, screening, and hiring
$ 9,000

Investing in your employee experience reduces direct and indirect absenteeism costs including :

  • Direct costs are related to lost productivity of an employee not being on the job, bringing in a replacement, or covering the absence with overtime.
  • Indirect costs appear as overall productivity declines with absences. Other employees have to provide coverage and managers have to deal with the impact.
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