Employee Engagement During Unprecidented Change

We're facing rapid changes due to the development of the Covid-19. There's a lot to consider for our people and organizations. This resource center was established to help you face our new reality and come out of this stronger and with a more engaged workforce.

Focus areas

Shift to Remote Work

Key Considerations:

  • People
  • Process
  • Platform (Technology)
  • Place
People First Strategies

Key Considerations:

  • Employee Engagement
  • Psychological Health
  • Employee Voice
  • Keeping Connected

Shifting to a Remote Workplace

People First Strategies

How to Engage Employees in Uncertain Times

As uncertainty spreads through executives, HR professionals and every single employee, it gets challenging to operate in a ‘new normal.’  But in unprecedented times, your employees matter now, more than ever.  This session will discuss:

  • The impact uncertain times have on employees and why it’s important for companies to respond
  • Specific recommendations on how to engage employees given the uncertainty in the workplace
  • The mindset and approach that you need to start with
  • Examples of companies that are doing it well to inspire action in your organization
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