To build a great workplace culture, the City is conducting an employee engagement survey. The results of the survey will help the City Manager and senior management measure improvements in key areas since 2015 and to know where we can improve. The success of the employee engagement initiative is largely dependent on the willingness of members of the Toronto Public Service to honestly share their workplace experiences when they complete the City of Toronto’s 2019 Employee Engagement Survey.

We recognize that protecting the privacy and confidentiality of respondents is of extreme importance. Therefore, the City of Toronto has contracted WorkTango, a third-party vendor, to administer the survey. The City’s procurement process and Legal Services contract development and oversight ensure strict adherence to legislation and policies that govern the collection of individual information. In accordance with the City’s Protection of Privacy Policy and WorkTango’s privacy policies (https://www.worktango.com/privacy-policy) numerous safeguards are in place that will ensure individual information is protected and strictly confidential.

  • The City of Toronto has sent WorkTango a list that contains: i) employee names, numbers and status; ii) email addresses and work unit/section/division or agency (for employees who work in the Association of Community Centres or Exhibition Place); and iii) mailing addresses for survey distribution contacts. This information will be used solely to send the emails, invitations and paper copy surveys to employees.
  • The employee number and the employee’s division/agency/Exhibition Place section and unit will be retained by WorkTango to determine whether employees have returned the survey, to generate reports and to analyze how scores have changed since the 2015 engagement survey.
  • Individual survey responses will be collected solely by WorkTango. WorkTango will not disclose this information to the City. No one at the City of Toronto will have access to a respondent’s individual answers.
  • WorkTango will secure and treat all information they send and receive as strictly confidential.
  • Survey responses will only be used by WorkTango to produce generalized summaries such as tables and graphs.
  • In addition, City divisions/agency/Exhibition Place will only receive summary reports if there are 10 or more staff responses in a category (for example, a work unit).
  • If there are less than 10 responses in a group (for example, a work unit) a report will not be produced. However, a report could be produced if the responses are rolled up to the next level (for example, a section). This preserves the privacy and confidentiality of all members of the Toronto Public Service.
  • Some demographic questions have been added to the 2019 Employee Engagement Survey. This will further help us to understand the experience and engagement levels of some employee groups and within work locations. This information will not be used for other purposes. It will never be merged with, or substituted by information collected in the Count Yourself In Workforce Survey.
  • For demographic questions, if less than 40 responses are received in a group (for example, a work unit), a report will not be produced. However, a report could be produced if the responses are rolled up to the next level (for example, a section).

WorkTango is fully compliant with the requirements of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA). For further information, please visit https://www.worktango.com

We appreciate the trust that members of the Toronto Public Service place in us and we will adhere to the safeguards listed above to ensure all responses are treated with the highest standards of confidentiality.

For further information or to discuss any concerns, please contact: [email protected].


Thank you,

Omo Akintan |  Executive Director  |  People, Equity and Human Rights Division

Rob Catalano |  Chief Engagement Officer  |  WorkTango Inc.