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Nov 3, 2016  |  The cat is out of the bag!  We’ve changed our business and are getting deep into the world of Tango! ????????

Actually, we know absolutely NOTHING about the dance they call the Tango, but we’re very intrigued! When we searched it up on the Googles we learned some cool stuff. For example, that picture below is awesome. And did you even know that there is an Argentinian Tango!?  We have more research to do, but we’ve been putting that off because we’ve been VERY busy.


And being extremely busy is what this blog post is about. You’ve probably caught on that we didn’t launch Tango classes (and we’re so sorry if you did, but we’re going to stick to what we know well!), but we wanted to update everyone on the WorkTango journey and make a few announcements.

In the beginning…

When we started WorkTango this year, like any new venture, it’s tough to draw a straight-line that predicts the future. We had no clue where the journey would take us. But in a short period of time we’ve accomplished a lot and have SO MANY people to thank. ????????????????????????


We were busy. We started the company, launched our Preview Release, talked to a plethora of users, chatted with influencers and analysts, and incessantly asked questions to several stakeholders in companies such as executives, HR, leaders and employees to learn more about the workplace. In the back half of the year, we’ve been working on accelerating the growth of our platform, adding more ways we can provide value to companies.  Here’s what we’ve been up to:

Our Platform

You’ll see by visiting our updated website that we’ve grown this year.  What started with a tool specifically for managers  has grown into fantastic new ways to offer value to managers, employees and executives. We’ve updated two key new features:

  • Real-time Engagement – this tool gives employees a voice and offers companies a pulse of engagement in a more frequent manner. It’s intuitive, serves data directly to leadership to keep managers accountable, and helps promote feedback that allows companies to know where to focus their time to improve engagement and performance.
  • Agile Performance Management – the modern workforce requires a modern way to approach performance management. We offer companies the ability to set the right goals on a more frequent basis, enable managers to be great coaches, and help companies check-in with employees with ongoing feedback.

We know measuring engagement levels is important, but companies must react quickly.  Also, having engaged employees isn’t enough, they need to be performing as well. This is why we’re coupling employee insights with additional tools to help companies inspire high performing cultures that positively impacts alignment, accountability and engagement of employees.

Our NEW Services Offerings

Companies have approached us for help with technology to impact engagement and performance of employees, but they’ve been also asking for management training and executive consulting to help couple technology with an approach. We’ve partnered with three firms that represent Canada, US and Europe to offer training and consultation for our customer base.  We see a lot of value in helping employees learn new approaches, but leveraging technology so leaders don’t fall back into bad habits.  Oh, and did you hear about our new Tango classes?! Ok ok, we’ll stop it.

What hasn’t changed? 

The current tools like our 1-on-1 Meetings tool and Manager Coach are still there and getting better. We still truly believe managers have a massive impact on engagement of employees and haven’t removed the support for managers from our platform to build high performing teams.

One thing that definitely hasn’t changed is our passion. We don’t have a mission at WorkTango, because mission’s end and passion lives forever.  Each day, we all show up to work trying to improve lives at work.

Want to see more?

We’re doing some fantastic stuff for new customers during the final months of 2016, so get in contact with us if you want to learn more or see a demo.

Oh, one last thing.

For all the Tango fanatics out there, we thought we’d leave you a little video.  We can’t stop smiling either!


To improving lives at work,

The WorkTango Team