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We have worked diligently over the last few years to ensure WorkTango is able to support our clients and customers in a way that works best for them. Based just outside of London, UK, Ben Macintyre is the Regional Director for WorkTango in EMEA and oversees managing and expanding our growth in Europe and beyond. 

Get a glimpse into Ben’s life just outside London in this spotlight blog where we ask him everything from what his routine is like, all the way to what keeps him busy outside of the home office.  Keep reading to find out. 

How did you find WorkTango and what made you want to join?

Ben’s previous role was at a survey organization before COVID struck and layoffs occurred across the business.  So, staying resilient, he began a search for another role that would suit him and, in his search, found that WorkTango continuously came up. One of the more prominent areas was on Capterra, a software review and listing website where clients of the software can leave reviews about the business. With this in mind, Ben continued his research and due diligence with a focus on WorkTango specifically. 

WorkTango’s website really jumped out at me.  I like how their culture is based on virtues, not values and I had done some similar work in my previous role, so I know just how important it is in any organization. It seemed like WorkTango was a good fit. 

In continuing his research, Ben saw the past success of WorkTango’s co-founders, and it instilled further confidence in his selection. He reached out and connected with them to see if they needed support and if there would be a potential fit for him at the organization. Seeing Ben’s successful track record, Co-Founders Rob and Nadir decided to interview him for the Regional Director position – knowing well that their expansion in EMEA needed a lead. The interview process went smoothly and following his top-grade interview, an offer was presented that Ben was happy to accept.  

Since then, it’s been a match made in heaven. 

What is Your Day-to-Day Like as a Regional Director? 

As Ben puts it, his day-to-day as a leader is very varied and can encompass a variety of sales, customer success, and project management tasks. A large part of the role is business development in EMEA and everything that is entailed with driving interest in WorkTango’s solution. Providing demonstrations of the product, hunting for prospects, and managing existing clients are some of the tasks that take up most of Ben’s time. 

I look after clients in all aspects. From their initial inquiry – even before that – all the way through to demo, negotiation, onboarding them to the platform and finally managing them as a client to ensure all of their needs are met and questions answered.

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Overall, Ben’s time is divided between 60% sales and 40% client management tasks. From a client management perspective, the work encompasses legal obligations, negotiations, translations and more, to ensure the needs of each client are met before their survey is deployed. Separately, getting senior buy-in is a portion of the role that Ben sometimes encounters when the employee advocate at the organization has yet to win over senior management by showing them the true value of the solution being presented. Ben enjoys showing others the value WorkTango by providing clear-cut vetted statistical evidence to support his case. 

From the man himself, Ben would describe his day-to-day as “very varied” and given the evidence above, it’s clear to see that it’s a fairly accurate description. Ben loves the variety in his role and the fact that he can touch almost every facet of the survey process. Something that was missing from previous roles. 

Regional Director EMEA - man working on balcony

What’s the Best Part About a Regional Director Role? 

Ben describes the best part of his job as two things: Education and agility. 

“I love the unpredictability, to be honest. I could look at my calendar on Sunday and have only a handful of meetings but by the end of the week, it’s full. Things can change quickly but I like the agility that comes with the role. It keeps me excited.” 


The other appealing aspect of the role he enjoys is educating people from around the world on the value of engaging your employees and giving them a voice. Both from a retention and experience point of view but also for bottom-line gains. At times, prospects are not fully bought into the solution or there may be some resistance as to why the initiative has begun. But, from being in the space for so long, and being so close to the product, it’s easy and in fact enjoyable for Ben to spread his knowledge to those less inclined to see the immediate and long-term value in a survey solution. 

You can download the information sheet here to get a snapshot of the value of WorkTango’s solution.

Both the agility and educational component of the Regional Director role excites Ben because he is able to find and explain solutions to people’s employee voice challenge(s) while keeping him on his toes with changing deliverables. 

What’s One Thing You Wish You Could Change About Your Role?

Being in an external-facing role, Ben sometimes encounters times where people inquire about the solution for the wrong reasons or without the right intentions. So, he has to dissect the root cause of the inquiry and try to present a solution that ticks all of their boxes. This can sometimes take the form of an in-depth education moment since organizations might want to survey their employees for one reason, but there is in fact a better way to go about it that they are unaware of. 

Sometimes people enter into programs because they think they must, based on their size or because their senior leadership team has told them to, rather than wanting to make an actual difference in their organization. They’re not surveying their employees for the right reasons, so I wish companies were more invested to improve their employee experience or diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace on a more personal level. Our active listening model helps organizations keep a pulse on their workforce, but I hope that more organizations take extra time in improving the (work) lives of their employees.

Regional director - theme park

What Would you Say to Others Wanting to Join WorkTango?

The first thing Ben would say to anyone wanting to join WorkTango is “Do it!”. But let’s dissect why Ben feels so strongly. 

You need to be flexible, hard-working and able to adjust your duties to serve the most pressing needs of the organization. If the floor needs sweeping, then grab a broom. With that said, if you want to work in a flexible environment where you’re trusted to have autonomy and be a part of a premier culture, then you will want to join WorkTango. It’s a great balance of everything and an excellent place to grow and learn new things.” 

“Transparency is king here”, says the Regional Director, “we don’t work in silos and are a highly collaborate team”. Everyone wants to make everyone successful, and our culture reflects that sentiment. 

Aside from some of the considerations of joining WorkTango, Ben also highlighted that the work we do truly makes a difference in the organizations and people we serve. That’s extremely valuable and keeps us grounded in our day-to-day duties. 

When You’re Not Working, What Do you Like to Do? 

Ben’s two children keep him quite busy outside of the office. Some of their favorite things to do are to go to theme parks, zoos and other wildlife attractions around London. Thorpe Park is one such location that always gets the kids excited – and even Ben admits the anticipation is high before going inside. Outside of local attractions, Ben tries to get out and expose his family to culture outside of the UK, so when they get the chance, they like to take trips around Europe to learn about the culture, relax and eat new foods.  

Besides keeping the kids busy, Ben likes socializing with friends and family now that some pandemic-enforced restrictions are loosening in the UK. He also enjoys playing squash and football (or for us, soccer) with his local club. 

Ben is an experienced Sales Director and father who balances his time between his two families, WorkTango and the Macintyre bunch.   

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