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Klaus Kazlauskas is a core member of the team of developers here at WorkTango. Working out of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Klaus is a Full-Stack Developer and is all too familiar with working remotely. He gives us a breakdown of what his role is like in this employee spotlight. Klaus covers his journey to WorkTango, his responsibilities, what it’s like working from Brazil and what he’s got his eyes set on for the future.  

Can you give me an overview of your journey to WorkTango?

Before Klaus joined WorkTango, he was ready and set to start another Full-Stack Developer role in an organization based out of Germany. But by way of reference, he found his way to WorkTango a week before he was set to start. An employee at WorkTango who knew Klaus notified him of the job vacancy and was quick to vouch for his skills. In their conversation, he told Klaus all about the successful culture, team and type of work the organization does.

Klaus threw his hat in the ring and was excited to work for a business that had a crystal-clear value proposition and whose main goal was to make people happier at work.  

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Due to the impending start date, Klaus was quickly scheduled for a personality interview, subsequent code test and final top-grade interview all within the span of about a week.   

“Since the very first interview, everyone made me feel so comfortable in order to get the most authentic answers out of me. It was a pleasure to experience and that feeling continues today.”  

The interviews were mutually successful, and Klaus was quickly offered the job of Full-Stack Developer. He decided to accept the job over the offer in Germany because he preferred to make his way into North America to be closer to some of his family and had aspirations of working in North America. Klaus started his role remotely in March 2020 and is awaiting the status of his visa to come to Canada.  

What is the best part about your full-stack development job?

Klaus enjoys many things about his job, the people, the organization but he says the best part of his role as a Full-Stack Developer boils down to two things.  

Firstly, he likes creating features. These can be quite extensive and range from simple filter functionality to an entirely new platform feature.  

Secondly, he enjoys getting the correct data to the correct leaders while protecting the anonymity of employee survey results and data. This goes with feeding leaders the correct data – anonymity is key in protecting employees while also giving leaders candid, real responses for them to improve their organization.  

“I like anything that relates to getting the correct data to the end-user in order to support their actions after the survey. I like supporting organizations that are invested in improving the lives of their employees because it shows they care, and I can see the real difference it makes.”  

Getting the correct data to the right end-user isn’t a simple task, especially when you are dealing with sensitive and complex employee data that needs sophisticated slice-and-dice functionality. Klaus enjoys the sense of responsibility that comes with preserving confidential employee results. He likes to think about how the anonymity will hold up and evolve as the organization grows, even if he doesn’t understand the full scope of the project from the perspective of the client’s use case.   

Protecting employee data is important to us at WorkTango, and Klaus leads the charge with his shield in hand.  

full-stack dev - shield

If there was one thing you could change in your role, what would that be?

If you had the chance to change one thing about your job, wouldn’t you? Klaus talks about the one thing he would like to change in his role as a Full Stack Developer below.  

“I wouldn’t want to change very much, but if I were to change one thing, it would be to establish a more formalized process when building new features or functionality, or really for anything developer-related so that everyone is aligned on the rules and scope of the project from the very beginning, to the very end.” 

Remote work has presented its fair share of challenges but one that remains is aligning team priorities for a dispersed team. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact that WorkTango works quickly and efficiently to deliver new and easy-to-use functionality and features to users. All of this combined makes organizing tasks and check-ins more difficult.  

The team is already brainstorming ideas on how to fix this but if Klaus had a magic want, he would wave it here. 

What’s it like working for a Canadian company from Brazil?  

Klaus really enjoys working from Brazil and has plans to move to Canada in the near future. In his own words, he explains what it’s like working for a Canadian company from Brazil.  

“It’s really fun. Here in Brazil it’s a big deal if you land an international job so I was nervous to start because I didn’t have too much confidence in myself. But once I started working, the whole team made me feel extremely comfortable and relaxed. It brought the best out of me. 

Throughout onboarding, people took the time to meet to get to know me and helped to set up my workspace here in Brazil. Even beyond onboarding, my interactions with the team have been inclusive, interesting and engaging.  

I never felt like I was not part of the team, like I was someone in Brazil.”  

WorkTango strives to create a diverse, equitable and inclusive environment for all employees. The team put in extra effort to make sure that not only new hires are comfortable, but that their comfort continues well into their role with the company.  For more information, you can check out our free DEI learning guide and our commitment to equity 

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What advice would you give others looking to join WorkTango

Klaus’s advice would be to do your research to find out what WorkTango does, learn about their virtues and how the work affects the lives of others. WorkTango is full of passionate people who care about the work they do, so someone that is bought in and recognizes this value makes for an easier work integration.  Also, don’t be afraid if you are not the most learned person, WorkTango values passion and can help train you to get you up to speed on everything you need to know. Having a passion to learn new things is big for the team here, according to the Full-Stack Developer. 

Since Klaus is on the Development team, he shares some more specific advice for his future teammates:  

“Be agile and don’t be afraid to say when you don’t know something. We value honestly, so don’t be afraid to communicate an approach to tasks that you think will work, or if you want to work on a specific feature – ask! We are happy to work with you, but it goes back to the first point, you need to be agile to pick up any slack if anything comes up because customers always come first.”  

What are your plans for the future? 

One of the first priorities for Klaus is to move to Canada, the visa process takes quite some time to complete but his plan is to arrive sometime in 2022, with no exact timeline yet. He also wants to complete his education in Computer Science for which he is in his second last term.  

On the professional side of things, Klaus wants to focus on two main areas. First, he wants to steer his career from Full-Stack Developer to the role of a Data Scientist because he is passionate about statistics and sees the value the scientist brings to others, specifically in the employee engagement space.  

Lastly, Klaus wants to get back to conferences and meet-ups. In his previous role, he helped to organize events and really enjoyed everything that went into the planning, coordination, and execution. The events would range from developer-related training, presentations, and talks.  

Creating a space where someone can execute a talk and others can listen and learn is what drives Klaus to support such events. He is a big proponent of continuous learning and wants to help people gain the skills they need to make the world a better place.  

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