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We’d like to give a warm WorkTango welcome to Terri, who joined our team two weeks ago and has authored this blog post to share about her experience!



How did I end up here?

I had been working for a large, international organization managing a diverse group of 30 or so people for the past 6 years. The struggle to keep my employees happy and feel as if they were an important and valued part of the company was very real. Working for a big, well-established company definitely has its advantages but locating the microphone and finding the courage to allow your voice to be heard can be a very daunting task. My personal curiosity and interest in employee voice started there and has led me to where I am now a few weeks in as the Director of Employee Engagement for WorkTango!

Expectation vs. Reality

The anticipation of starting a new job can be very scary even for someone who has been in the workforce for some time! What is the team like? Who will I be working with? What will my day-to-day look like? What will success look like in my new role? These were all questions I had prior to starting, but lucky for me, I had them all answered before starting too. My expectations turned out to be my reality! My new bosses took the time to bring me into the office prior to starting. I had the chance to meet most of the team. Creative, friendly, and awesome colleaguescheck! We went out to lunch and I had the chance to really understand the company vision. Alignment on our passion to make employeeswork lives better check! I was also very pleased to have been given training materials to review prior to starting. Having a good idea of what was uparound here on day 1 check!



Day 1 on the WorkTango Dance Floor!

I was delightfully greeted by the team upon arriving to work. The WorkTango dance floor, aka the office, is large and spacious, light and bright. The vibe here is friendly. The team showed me to my workspace where a thoughtful welcome kit of wine, a WorkTango water bottle (a quality one!), WorkTango t-shirt (also, quality!), and a card with warm welcome wishes from the entire team was waiting for me (as our team spans across 5 countries, this was particularly impressive). I instantly felt I was part of the team.

The day and following weeks continued in line, with evident and thorough planning and preparation for my arrival. I never had uh what to do nowmoments as one often does in their first week(s) on a job. Because my training and onboarding were well-planned out, I was able to quickly get up to speed and start contributing. I was encouraged to ask questions when I had them and to let the team know when I needed help. As someone who has onboarded a lot of people in her day, I have to say I was very impressed. Its a practice-what-you-preach environment over here cultivating and enabling employee engagement from Day 1.


What I love the most about my job?!

Reflecting on the past few weeks, it truly is hard to pin-point what I love the most about working here. Besides working alongside an inspiring and intelligent group of people who are genuinely passionate about improving work lives, working with the latest technology and tools has been fascinating and eye-opening. Ive had the opportunity to learn about a lot of new tech, which is changing the way we work. We use many different tools to help keep us organized, collaborate and work efficiently – I’m loving them. In the words of Oprah, I’m living my best work life!

The work environment here is also pretty epic. Never have I worked in such a creative and innovative space. While my focus is to take care of our customers and support their use of the platform, sharing ideas to create new features and innovate the platform are always welcomed. Everyone here is always thinking about what we can create next to add value to you our customersexperience. 

And that brings me to what would be, if I had to, name what I love most about working here providing our customers with a great experience. We get to work with organizations and companies that are progressive and agile when it comes to giving their employees a voice. They are ready to transform and reap the benefits of how successful employee engagement can lead to heightened company success as well.

I love being a part of every stage of this process, from learning about what they are currently doing and what their goals and hopes are, designing and developing their strategy, then helping them to execute the plan. Seeing the positive results our customers attain with the actionable insights they receive is pretty cool. I once did a project in university on how knowledge is power, and it truly is.

These first two weeks at WorkTango have been amazing, and I can’t wait for what’s next!