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Unlimited Employee Voice. One Platform.


Most people don’t believe us when we tell them that the use of the WorkTango platform is unlimited.

Oh, and it’s not just unlimited for one use… our customers use it for ANY Employee Voice or feedback initiative that they desire.

So we asked our customers what they use it for.  Here’s the top 20 that they shared with us.

  1. ⭐️  Engagement Surveys and Pulses
  2. ????  Leadership Feedback
  3. ✅  Performance Check-Ins
  4. ????  Large Change Management Initiatives
  5. ????  Project Effectiveness Feedback
  6. ????????  Inspiring and Nudging Leaders
  7. ????  Pre & Post Acquisition Assessments
  8. ❤️  Culture Assessments
  9. ????  Business Transformation Feedback
  10. ????????  Employee Feedback / Brutal Facts
  11. ????  Onboarding & Exit Surveys
  12. ????  Predicting the future (using predictive analytics)
  13. ????????  Recognizing Employees
  14. ????  Testing & gathering feedback on Employer Brand Messaging
  15. ????  Identifying their eNPS & NPS scores
  16. ????  Collecting ideas for the next social event
  17. ????  Collecting feedback/questions from the TownHall (or large company meeting)
  18. ????  Action Planning
  19. ????  Diversity & Inclusion Assessments
  20. ????  Generating Innovative Ideas
  21. …and many more!

Our team debated which was more fun… hearing the way our customers use the platform or finding Emojis for all of them! As you can see, there’s a lot of flexibility to use the platform in several ways. We’re excited to see what our creative customers come up with next!

Take care! ????



A little bit about WorkTango

If you want to learn more about the WorkTango platform – here’s a quick overview for you.

We offer a scalable platform that companies in over 30 countries and 15+ languages use for any Employee Voice initiative that is custom to their needs.

That being said, we also offer services to help with Program Design, Action Planning and diving into People Analytics.  We help design your program, or plug in what you’re currently asking employees into WorkTango. Whichever you prefer.

Our customers range from 200 employees to tens of thousands employees and use the platform as infrequent as annual assessments and as frequent as weekly engagement or feedback pulses.





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