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Mar 4, 2016  |  Ready to WorkTango?  We sure are!

We are so excited to announce our company to the world and congratulate the WorkTango team on months of hard work leading up to today.

The employee engagement epidemic continues to get worse with almost 70% of employees in North America disengaged and the response from the HR Technology space has been insufficent. The solutions include a myriad of tools that supports the HR department and the enterprise, but we see a gap: tools made specifically for managers.

WorkTango was built with the manager in mind supporting our passion to make work an environment that is enjoyable and fulfilling. After all, employees join companies and leave managers – recent stats show that 50% of employees quit to “get away from their manager.” Scary.

The focus of WorkTango is to enable managers to be better leaders. Why? Because we believe managers have the biggest influence on employee engagement. In fact, Gallup’s recent study shows that managers account for as much as 70% of variance in employee engagement. We also empathize with managers out there that don’t have access to great tools or haven’t been sufficiently trained by their organizations. If you’ve ever been a manager, you know what we’re talking about.

WorkTango enables managers to have better conversations with employees to be more aligned, improve accountability, and develop high performing teams. Our approach starts with making 1-on-1 and team meetings easier and more impactful, especially since employees whose managers hold regular meetings with them are almost three times as likely to be engaged as managers that do not. The platform also helps managers with the day-to-day stresses of managing a team. Check out how we’re doing this at

WorkTango is the product of months of research, hard work and passion – and we’re just getting started. We’ve just launched our product to a closed group of talented managers to get feedback so we can continue to fine-tune it.

We’ll open up the platform to everyone soon, but we encourage you to check out our website and sign up for our Preview Release. If you want to learn more about management best practices, keep checking out our Blog.

A big thanks to everyone that’s supported us so far.  You know who you are.



WorkTango Co-Founders – Rob Catalano & Nadir Ebrahim


P.S.  Great blogs are engaging, entertaining, and offer fantastic content to readers –  this is EXACTLY what we will try to accomplish with the WorkTango blog. We look forward to connecting with managers far and wide!