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Hey. I’m Liz, the new Creative Connections Coordinator at WorkTango. It’s my third week, and I’m smiling because I’m still a little bit in awe of how things have turned out and fallen together. This isn’t what I was expecting. It’s so much better.

So many great things have been happening, I don’t even know where to start.






Before I started, Rob, the Co-founder, told me that I got to choose my own job title, which I thought was really cool. I chose CCC because I love all things alliterative, and also because I feel like it embodies my triple-edged passion:

  1. To be creative: in terms of company ideas, content writing, crazy things I have yet to come up with
  2. To connect: with customers, with fellow co-workers, with the blogging and social media community
  3. To coordinate: from event planning and progress tracking to organizing proposals and juggling projects

These are things that genuinely interest me—which is impressive, considering that the greater part of my undergraduate degree at university was largely non-genuine and uninteresting. I didn’t learn much. They didn’t care much.

But this experience is different.

I feel like I can actually do what I’m excited about. I can take my ideas and run with them. I can take the company ideas and spin them out into my own brand of creativity and engagement. In other words, I can have fun.

I never thought that my career job would be fun.

I’ve always wanted to be a novelist—which is still in the works—but a day job was something I assumed would just pay the bills, something dull that I would endure in pursuit of a greater dream. Perhaps copywriting. Or technical writing. Or God forbid, data-entry. Whatever it was, I was expecting some meaningless, mind-numbing 9-5 slog that would suck the life out of me, 8 hours a day.





And yet here I am, sitting in this spinny chair, talking to Rob about Chad Kroeger  (I wrote a joke comment on a test survey and said that that’s who I want us to interview for our next Webinar. Except that I really wasn’t joking). I’m looking at the clock thinking: How is it already 4:30—I want to do so many more things!

I’m motivated. I’m busy. And I’m doing things that actually matter. And as a result, time flies. Work doesn’t completely feel like work. It feels like..something better.

This, after all, is what WorkTango is all about. Making lives better at work. Giving employees the chance to express what they want and need so that employers can create an environment that fosters excitement and success. Because when you’re excited about what you’re doing, you work harder. And when you work harder, you get a lot of things done. Great things. Amazing things.

I’m sure there’ll be times when I’ll be doing more mundane tasks that I’m not completely pumped about. But a meaningful incentive (and some good music in my earbuds) puts it all into perspective. It gives it purpose. Because at WorkTango, we don’t have a “mission”, we have a “passion”, which is much more powerful. A passion is strong enough to carry through the less exciting moments because of the exciting reason behind them.







It’s only my third week, but I already see so much potential for awesome.  Like the fact that I got to write about dancing on the blog. I couldn’t help but pun on the company name, especially since I’m so passionate about dancing. My newest article: 5 Powerful Connections between Tango Dancing and Employee Relations, has been my favourite project to date.

There’s lots of space to be creative. The other day Rob told me to come in with my own ideas, to write down the crazy, funny things that I want to do and put them into a file so we can look at them. Because they’re not random ideas and stupid posts, they’re possibilities ripe with potential, full of sincerity and exuberance. And that’s what employee engagement is made of, potential and sincerity and exuberance. That’s what gets people out of bed in the morning.







Life at WorkTango is both outrageous and organized.

There’s always lots going on to create the juggling act of our 9-5: meetings, deadlines, networking events, follow-up leads, last minute appointments. It’s nearly impossible to get bored when the days are so diverse, and yet the structure that holds things together also gives it the comfort of familiarity, the springboard in which we can leap into the glorious unknown.

I appreciate structure. For example, every morning at 9:30 we have our Daily Tango (yes, we pun on our name all the time), where we stand up and go around our circle, each individual sharing what they did yesterday and what they’re up to today. We briefly outline our plans and share the good, the bad, and the interesting that’s been happening to us. Because we’re a team. We’re connected, and we share in each other’s victories as well as each other’s struggles. It sets us up to face whatever comes our way.

Each Monday morning we have a Weekly Sprint. Being a highly organized person, I approve of the idea of setting up the week, of putting in the priorities and determining where we want to spend the majority of our energy and what we want to do. Because we all want to be on the same page. Communication is key. And at WorkTango, we’re awesome at it.






Each Friday when 5pm rolls around, it’s socially acceptable to spike your coffee with Baileys, go to the fully stocked fridge and crack open a beer, or sip on a glass of wine.  It’s a fun kind of Friday tradition that gets people talking, a great opportunity to develop the kind of meaningful relationships that make it feel like you’re really living, not just working.

I enjoy the laid back yet work-hard vibe in the office. There’s real room for me to grow here. There’s space to get a little crazy. There’s creativity that’s waiting to be turned into productivity. And I’m excited.






The reason I first applied to WorkTango’s Indeed job posting last year was because the name WorkTango caught my attention. I love to salsa dance, so this intrigued me. I even made a joke about tango dancing in the email that I sent with my resume and cover letter.

They responded within a week, and the conversation began.

Throughout the next few months, I travelled to Spain, finished up some other work, and volunteered at the WorkTango’s InnovateWorkTO events, anticipating future employment with them. We got to know each other, and I was motivated. I wanted to be a part of WorkTango, and nowhere else. I stopped job hunting because I was determined to invest in this opportunity and see it through to the end—to a new beginning.

And then in Mid-December, 2017, when Toronto was cloaked with Christmas lights and frigid winds, I got the email. Rob officially invited me onboard to join the WorkTango team come January. The dream was really becoming a reality. And I was on cloud nine.

That’s why I’m sitting here smiling, still a little bit in awe, because everything fell together so perfectly. The future is bright. I didn’t end up in some mind-numbing, meaningless job after all. I met some great people and joined their awesome company.






I’m sipping on my lime flavoured Perrier water and writing blog posts, while sharing cool stories and watching hilariously insightful webinars. Did I mention that I’m getting paid for all this?

I love my job.

And my story here at WorkTango has just begun.