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All organizations need special care and attention when it comes to their survey initiatives, but especially enterprise clients as often their needs are more complex than those of smaller organizations. Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Ava Wells serves our enterprise clients and is responsible for ensuring the big guys have just as easy of a time deploying surveys as an organization of ten. This employee spotlight focuses on her journey to WorkTango, her role, and where she sees herself in the future.  

Let’s get right down to it with the first question.

What made you interested in joining WorkTango?

In search of an organization that fit her passions and skills, Ava initially came across WorkTango through online research. Upon seeing the company in an industry blog, she perused through WorkTango’s own blog and website. The initial spark was set.  

Having a background in professional services and the tech space, she was impressed by what she read and the value WorkTango delivers to its clients. After continuing to dig, she reached out to one of the other customer success team members to ask questions. Ava was impressed by the transparency and authenticity of the conversation.   

It was through this conversation that Ava learned about an open Enterprise CSM position. Curious to apply, Ava did, and then everything took off from that point on.  

“I was interested to get more involved in an organization where employee experience is the focus. I also really connected with WorkTango’s mission and virtues. All of these combined made for a perfect opportunity.” 


Quickly following the interview, Ava was presented and subsequently accepted an offer. Since then, her learning about the HR and employee engagement space has yet to stop and enterprise clients constantly sing her praises. 

If you would like to learn more about WorkTango’s offering and services, download the information sheet below.

How did you get started on the enterprise side of customer success? 

Ava has always worked in the client services space and has consistently served enterprise accounts. During her previous role at a large research and advisory company, she was tasked with managing large B2B and B2C accounts in financial services, professional services, and high-tech industries.  

“The previous company I worked for established a formal Customer Success organization in 2018. When this happened, I recognized the opportunity to hone in on my Customer Success skills and I went for it.”  

Currently at WorkTango, her clients vary more widely and include large accounts from sectors such as not-for-profit, technology, all the way to energy, crown corporations and more.   

enterprise customer success manager - woman working with headset

What do you enjoy most about your job? 

As an Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Ava speaks to clients day in and day out. Where she guides them through all aspects of survey design, delivery, reporting and troubleshooting. For some introverts, this may seem like a daunting job but for self-described people person Ava – it’s what she craves in her routine.

The part of the role that she enjoys the most is being able to see the positive impact WorkTango is making in organizations all over the world. Through client interactions and reviewing survey results, she really enjoys making and seeing a difference while helping organizations take better care of their employees.   

I can see that the work that I’m doing is impacting people. That’s truly satisfying. I also really enjoy the client journey: from kick-off to implementation, to how our platform can support their needs. Everything we do to get things up and running sets us up for a strong relationship moving forward. Seeing that relationship flourish is rewarding.”  

Ava’s guidance and approach to servicing her clients are key, and the environment WorkTango has built lends itself well to allow her to work in a way that’s best for her.   

I have the ability to be creative, try new things, and build on processes. I love that I can experiment when serving clients, as I learn, grow, and become more effective at my job. This hands-on approach to Customer Success is a breath of fresh air.” 

If you would like a hands-on approach to your employee engagement initiatives, or if you simply need an award-winning platform, schedule a demo to speak to us today! 

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If there was one thing you could change about your job, what would that be?

As an Enterprise Customer Success Manager, Ava’s duties cover everything throughout the client lifecycle. If there was one thing she could change it would be this… 

“If I could change anything about my role, it would be my own ability to manage stress. With large enterprise clients, there is often a need for quick – and oftentimes immediate – support. My immediate reaction is to work as quickly as I can to solve a problem or provide my clients with an answer. As a result, I tend to put quite a bit of unhealthy pressure on myself. I am becoming more mindful of my habits, and am working to get out of my comfort zone by resetting expectations with myself and with my clients. I am learning that the nature of our work takes time and that by creating realistic deadlines I can best conduct my job sustainably.”


enterprise CSM - bright office

What would you say to aspiring enterprise customer success managers? 

With her vast experience in customer success, Ava has a great pulse on what makes or breaks rising talent in this space. She gives her two cents below.  

“The best traits of an enterprise customer success manager are the ability to maintain a strategic lens, stay organized, and remain flexible. You must have deep business acumen – understanding your clients’ pain points and expectations for success, industry nuances, and context on their initiatives. All of this information must exist somewhere that is easily accessible and useful to you. Even more important is the ability to stay flexible in how you set up your processes to align in servicing your clients.

When I first get introduced to a set of clients, I track everything through my own system to keep it simple and clean. As I work with them more and more, the way I capture information might change and switch into other places to keep myself focused and strategic. These processes allow me to evolve and streamline my approach as a CSM from client to client so that I can be both efficient and effective.” 

Where do you see yourself in five years?

A difficult question for most, but Ava has a few things she wants to see on the horizon.  

Firstly, as stated before she would like to spend more time in a leadership or in an advisory role on the Customer Success team. Either leading people or leading a function, she is keen to expand her knowledge and explore areas she has yet to get hands-on experience in.  

“I’m interested in shaping our services through consultation and expanding our operations. I really enjoy streamlining processes and so moving into a role with more of that as a focus is something I would like to do in the short-term.”  

Outside of the home office, Ava wants to buy a house and travel more in the next five years. She was scheduled to go to Portugal in 2020 but was delayed due to the pandemic. She was given a credit to the airline that she hopes to use for her next trip. Portugal is on the list but next in line is Scotland!  

Finally, being a US native that moved to Canada a few years ago, she has found a great fit and wants to plant roots in Montreal with her partner, Martin. 

That’s her plan for now but like any good enterprise customer success manager… she’s flexible.   

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