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WELCOME to the New Year

It’s 2018, and what better way to start off an amazing year than by looking back at the amazing things that happened last year?

Here are five of our top posts, most read and watched by YOU in 2017, to inspire you for an even better 2018!

1. The 2017 Ultimate Guide to Employee Engagement

You Will Learn:

  •  Why employee engagement matters and how to sell it in your company
  •  What factors drive employee engagement
  •  How to give employees a voice, and approaches to collecting feedback
  •  What you should measure and how often
  •  How to act – because your job doesn’t end with measuring engagement

2. Want to be innovative in HR? Start with people, not technology

“True innovation is reevaluating how we recruit, retain and engage employees throughout the entire employee life-cycle.”

“The outputs that define the success metrics of their organization like profits and happy customers all come from employee inputs.”

“Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Those who initiate change will have a better opportunity to manage the change that is inevitable.”  – William Pollard

3. HR – Get Out of The Way

“The biggest problem is that HR has become an unnecessary filter in companies.  Sometimes HR just needs to get out of the way.”

“Leadership is about understanding the needs of the team and making them successful.”

“Amidst all these changes happening in our workforce HR needs to adjust their approach to enable leaders in their organizations to succeed.”

4. How Managers are Key in Driving Employee Engagement

  •  5 minutes of crucial information at your fingertips
  •  Watch an insightful DisruptHR talk by Rob Catalano
  •  Learn how to get employees involved, and keep them engaged

5. SIX Habits of Highly Successful Employers

  1. They have an employee-first mentality
  2. They know what motivates employees
  3. They understand that employees work in days, not years
  4. They treat employees like consumers
  5. They don’t just measure, they act
  6. They focus

At WorkTango, we’re revolutionizing how the world’s most forward-thinking companies engage and inspire their people. We offer the only Employee Experience Platform that enables meaningful recognition and rewards, supports alignment through goal setting and feedback, and offers actionable insights through employee surveys.

WorkTango is built for the workplace we all want to be a part of – where priorities become clear, achievements are celebrated, and employees have a voice. So if you’re ready to improve (work) lives, schedule a demo today.

Rob Catalano

Rob Catalano is WorkTango’s Chief Marketing and Strategy Officer. Rob has spent the last 17 years building HR Technology companies.