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We’re delighted to introduce Amanda, who joined our team two weeks ago and has authored this blog post to share about her experience!

Why I Chose WorkTango

What is it like to work for a tech company obsessed with improving employee lives at work? This is the question I asked myself when deciding whether to leave the financial industry and start fresh with an employee voice management software company. What encouraged this drastic shift? It was a combination of my passion for human behaviour and my obsession with data-based decision making. Having completed my undergraduate degree in psychology and working towards an MBA with a focus on analytics, I could not have found a better fit than WorkTango.

WorkTango has found a way to reliably quantify the employee voice! Their platform may be sophisticated behind the scenes, but the users experience is simple, clean, and to the point. Having spent several years working for a large bank, I personally relate to the problem WorkTango is so passionate to solve. Back at the bank, employee engagement surveys were sent out annually, and results would not be available for months. The HR department had so much data to shift through that by the time the data could be interpreted, the circumstances had changed, and the insights were no longer relevant.

Not only does WorkTango’s platform offer insights to managers in real-time and put the data directly in the hands of people leaders, but it also makes interpreting the data easy. Most HR professionals are not data scientists, and so even though the company may have collected quality data on their employees, they’re often unsure how to make sense of it. The insights are there, just hidden. Not only does WorkTango solve this problem by automatically generating key insights, but if need be, a WorkTango consultant can help administrators interpret their results.

Here are the top 10 things I learned during my first two weeks at WorkTango.

  1. You will not be hungry. The kitchen is stacked with tasty snacks and healthy brain food.
  2. Leave the tie at home. This is a laid back, choose-your-own-style kind of office.
  3. Every morning starts with a Tango—and no, I do not mean the Argentinian dance. Every morning the team meets to highlight important projects they’re working on and discuss challenges and progress. This is especially helpful in bringing you up to speed during your first two weeks!
  4. Cognitive conflict is a good thing. At WorkTango you are encouraged to challenge processes or strategies if you see things differently. This leads to higher quality decisions and more efficient processes. Giving employees a voice also leads to higher employee effort.
  5. WorkTango recognizes that the relationship between manager and employee is interdependent. As a manager, your performance is dependent on your employees, but your employees’ outcome is dependent on you. And so at WorkTango they invest equally in the development of both.
  6. WorkTango executives are firm believers in procedural justice. When creating policies and procedures, all perspectives are taken into consideration. Everyone has a voice and everyone’s opinion counts. Not only does this allow the employee voice to be heard, but it also improves employee buy-in.
  7. If you believe that sitting is the new smoking, at WorkTango the choice is yours. Employees are welcome to move around and work in whatever way makes them most effective.
  8. Senior staff are extremely approachable and refreshingly candid. It’s a safe environment to take risks and voice any concerns.
  9. On Fridays we end the day with a drink and a team social to celebrate a successful work week.
  10. And last but not least, you will learn that at WorkTango they practice what they preach.

I am excited to see what the future holds at WorkTango!